Board of Supervisors
Charlotte County is governed by an elected Board of Supervisors representing seven election districts, with one board member elected from each district. The Board's meeting for January 2020 will be held on Wednesday, January 8th, at 1:30pm.  The remainder of 2020, regular meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month.  Regular meetings will alternate between  afternoon and evening meetings.  (See the full schedule here.) Meetings of the Board are held in the Board Room of the County Administration Office, 250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A, Charlotte Court House, Virginia, 23923.  

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative policy making body for the County. It considers and adopts policies regarding administration, finance, technology, economic development, health, planning, public safety, childcare, recreation, sanitation and waste removal.

The Board appropriates funds for all functions, including the schools, Social Services, Law Enforcement and operation of courts. Staggered board terms have been established to ensure some degree of continuing experience on the Board.

Board of Supervisors' Strategic Plan

Gary Walker   Garland "Butch" Hamlett, Jr. Robert L. Shook

Gary D. Walker

Kay M. Pierantoni

Garland H. "Butch"
Hamlett, Jr.

Robert L. "Butch"
Shook, Jr.

Term Expires 12/31/23 Term Expires 12/31/21 Term Expires 12/31/23 Term Expires 12/31/21
County Seat
 Oak (B)
Drakes Branch
  Donna L. Fore  

M. Anthony "Tony" Reeves

Donna L. Fore

Will D. Garnett

Term Expires 12/31/23 Term Expires 12/31/21 Term Expires 12/31/23
Cullen / Red House
Aspen / Phenix
Bacon / Saxe